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Languages: Papiamento, Dutch (English & Spanish widely spoken)
Currency: Aruban florin or U.S. dollar
Temperature: Average 82°F year-round
Square Miles: 70
Approx. Population: 94,500

Aruba is one of the ABC Islands in the Netherlands Antilles.  Her first inhabitants were Indians from South America, but today Aruba is a multi-cultural, independently functioning part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  From 1924 until 1985, it was home to the Lago oil refinery which employed most people on the island and provided foreign revenue.  But when this refinery closed, the resulting unemployment caused economic problems on the island.  As a result, tourism was promoted, and entrepreneurs have created an industry that has become the main source of foreign currency.  Today, Aruba has visitors from all over the world.

Chapel of Alto Vista, Aruba

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The small island of Aruba has plenty to offer with miles of white beaches, a wild cunucu (countryside), and shopping malls in the capital city of Oranjestad.  Cruise ships visit so their passengers can purchase duty-free goods at the Dutch-style buildings.  Aruba's restaurants offer a plethora of international foods, including Chinese, Indonesian, Argentine, French, Italian, and Japanese, as well as local specials such as spiced Aruban fish, pastechi (a fried ham and cheese sandwich), pampuna (a sweet pumpkin), yambo (also known as okra), bonchi cunucu (a small bean), concomber chiquito (a prickly-skinned cucumber), keri keri (a fish hash flavored with garlic and cumin), and quesillo (an Aruban caramel flan).  If you tire of shopping and dining, visit Fort Zoutman and Willem III Tower.  The fort was built in 1796 and contains a history museum.

Royal Plaza shopping mall in Aruba

Interrupting Aruba's mostly flat landscape are huge boulders at Casibari and Ayo, the Fontein and Guadirikiri caves, and the Natural Bridge.  Along the beaches, resorts, pools, and tiki bars provide rest, relaxation, and refreshment.  Windsurfers may take advantage of shallow water and good wind at Fisherman's Huts beach.

California Lighthouse on Aruba

From a relaxing day at the beach to a lively night scene, Aruba is a special destination for everyone!

Natural Bridge Beach, Aruba

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aruba, netherlands antilles map
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Divi Divi tree on a Caribbean Sea beach in Aruba

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