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Language: English
Currency: Trinidad and Tobago dollar
Temperature: Average 87°F year-round
Square Miles: 1,980
Approx. Population: 1.3 million

The two-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago is located at the southernmost end of the Eastern Caribbean chain.  Originally settled by Amerindians, the Spanish made their way to Trinidad during the 16th century, and the English, French, and Asians followed in their footsteps. Early crops were tobacco, sugar cane, and cocoa, generally grown with slave labor.

Palm tree on beach at Pigeon Point, Tobago

Trinidad is vibrant and hectic.  Port-of-Spain, the capital city, is the home of calypso and steel pan; music is heard everywhere. The city's major attraction during the year is its Carnival leading up to Ash Wednesday.  Port-of-Spain hotels provide accommodations for Carnival-goers, while divers, snorkelers, and golfers may choose to stay in guesthouses outside the city.

Tourists on Goat Island near Speyside, Tobago

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Other attractions draw tourists to Trinidad and Tobago as well.  There are popular and secluded beaches on the north coast, within easy reach of Port-of-Spain, and the Asa Wright Nature Center is home to some of the 400 bird species in Trinidad and Tobago.  The crimson ibis can be seen flying in to roost for the night at the Caroni Lagoon National Park.

Charlotteville Beach on Tobago

Tobago is a quieter island, offering a more traditional Caribbean vacation.  Its capital, Scarborough, houses Fort King George and the Tobago Museum.  Scuba divers can enjoy coral reefs, bird-watchers can explore The Rainforest Reserve of Tobago and Little Tobago Island, and butterfly enthusiasts flock to the island to glimpse many of Tobago's 600 butterfly species.

Woman wearing a yellow swimsuit and a hat,
relaxing in a hammock at Pigeon Point, Tobago

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