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Language: English
Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar
Temperature: Average 75-82°F winter, 77-85°F summer
Square Miles: 108 (Antigua) / 62 (Barbuda)
Approx. Population: 67,000 (Antigua) / 1,200 (Barbuda)

The former British colony of Antigua is well known for plentiful beaches and sailing.  It has a rich history rich of sugar plantations.  Nearby Barbuda is small, with little development aside from a few resorts on its gorgeous coastline.  These independent islands are located in the Leeward Island chain.

Heritage Quay shopping district, St Johns, Antigua

Antigua, the larger of the two islands, is heart-shaped, with abundant harbors, bays, coves, and barrier reefs.  Vegetation is mainly grass and scrub.  In Antigua's capital, St. John's, you can visit two 19th century cathedrals, St. John's Cathedral and St. Peter's Church, and the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.  The ruins from about a hundred stone windmills serve as a reminder of Antigua's history as a major sugar producer.  The oldest major plantation, Betty's Hope, hosts two restored windmills and a museum in tribute to the historical industry.  On the southern side of Antigua, Nelson's Dockyard serves English Harbour, the 18th-century headquarters for the British fleet.  In the present day, the harbor attracts sailboats, recreational yachts, and racing boats.  Each April, the Antigua Sailing Week event attracts many international yachtsmen and yachting fans.

English Harbour & Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

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Apart from its interesting history, shopping, gourmet dining, and other activities enhance Antigua's environment.  Curries, fish, barbecued chicken, and Italian food appeal to a wide range of personal tastes.  Approximately three hundred beaches provide opportunities for sunbathing, solitude, or water sports.

Copper & Lumber Store Hotel
at Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua

For even longer beaches or a look at the rare frigate bird, take a flight twenty-eight miles north to Barbuda.  The beaches here on the Caribbean side have pale pink sand.  There is no public transportation on Barbuda, so flying in from Antigua on a day tour that includes lunch and beach time may be the best way to see the island.  Sights to see are Highland House, sugar baron Sir Christopher Codrington's historic manor, and frigate bird nesting sights at the frigate bird sanctuary.  The exclusive K-Club and Coco Point Lodge resorts are located on the southern tip of the island.

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